This document is the work of the Co-founders of DAR EL AIN, the first Tunisian company of alternative and sustainable tourism and specifically in ecotourism and recreation services.

DAR EL AIN ® is an S.A.R.L. with a share capital of 40m Tunisian dinars, located in Tabarka at 19, Avenue de l'Algérie CP 8110 - Tabarka, Registered under the MF: 000MA1544749 / W and at the RNE under n ° B145092018.

The framework

For years we were, we are and will remain advocates for nature, guardians of the zones sensitive and positively active players in favor of biodiversity, the natural environment and the preservation of ecosystems.

Today, we are organized in an entity which has civil responsibilities, economic responsibilities and certainly it has social responsibilities and towards nature.

Our philosophy is based on our emblem

“My region, ... my inspiration” . This sentence explains well, that the valuation of the natural potential of the region, its development and its exposure in our activities will certainly go through the preservation of this natural heritage and not by an exploitation of it.

In this document we have decided to share with you our charter which includes our vision, our objectives to translate this noble mission in the field applying the objectives of sustainable tourism through alternative tourism in favor of nature and the locals.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A charter is a text which fixes the rules of the organization (for example, the United Nations charter). In short, a user manual that indicates what to do and what not to do when belonging to a community of users can translate a philosophy, an orientation, a mode of operation
    The charter is above all a tool for internal cohesion. It makes it possible to agree at any time on the objectives, rights, and duties of everyone within the network. It sets out the means, the action plan, and the methods of meeting its members.
    The charters have no normative character and have no real legal value in themselves, unlike the internal regulations regularly filed. The rules enacted by the charter must also be mentioned in employees' employment contracts, internal regulations, procedure manuals, etc.
    Because your safety, as well as that of our employees, partners, and suppliers, is our priority, we have created a charter of health commitments which came into effect as soon as our establishment reopened after the Corona wave in March 2020, as well as all actions and precautions implemented within DAR EL AIN to be able to welcome you in the best conditions of respect for health standards.